Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is one of the first pizza restaurants to come up with quite a few gluten free options. Here is a review of some of the gluten free options that I have tried:

GF pizza’s: You can order any pizza on a gluten free crust. They will be able to tell you which toppings are gluten free. My favourite pizza to order is bacon, mushroom, green pepper, onion and feta cheese (instead of regular cheese). The crust is soft and very flavorful.

Baja chicken salad: Such an yummy salad! The perfect blend of salsa and creamy dressing to make the salad so tasty. Just order without the piece of bread and it is gluten free. You even get to eat the little tortilla strips. I am never disapointed when I order this.

Beware: Unfortunately, Boston Pizza seems to struggle with cross contamination issues. I have had them tell me that the dry ribs are gluten free, only to discover that they put them in the same fryer as gluten containing products, which ended up making me very sick.

I have been to Boston Pizza enough times to know that the GF pizza and salads are safe, but I would caution you to question other things that they suggest.


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