Milestones (Abbotsford, Coquitlam)

Milestones is one of the first restaurants in the area to offer gluten free burgers with buns.  I don’t really like the gluten free buns at milestones myself (I found them very dry and would have prefered it to be lettuce wrapped).  They also don’t have very many options for sides (they only gave me the option to have a green salad with one kind of dressing).  The dressing was very bland tasting and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I don’t think I would order a burger from here again, but would definately go back to milestones for other things they offer.

The tomato basil spaghattini is so tasty! I crave it on the regular! It has mini roasted tomatoes as well as sundried tomatoes.  It is so good.  I add chicken to it and then they put creamy goat cheese on top.  My husband loves it too!  So good.

Pecan Torte: So chocolatey and rich!  This is such a yummy dessert.  It is definetaly sharable because it is so rich-you only need a few bites. 

Mediterranean Chickpea dish:  This looked so yummy to me.  Lots of asian vegetables and chickpeas with chicken and goat cheese.  This dish had lots of promise, but I found it to be a bit disapointing.  They added WAY to much oil to this dish that it ruined it.  I had acid reflux because of the amount of oil for hours after.  If you want to turn a healthy dish super fattening go to milestones and enjoy this throat burning dish.  haha.


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