The wonders of hemp hearts


Anyone else on the hemp heart train?  Not only are they very good for you and high in protein, they are especially important for people with celiac disease.  This little food packs a lot of punch!  They give you energy and they also help your “system” run better.  If you are wondering…by sytem I mean your bodaciously beautiful bowels!

Most people don’t have to worry about going #2 on a regular basis, but people with celiac disease often lack what it takes to get thesystem moving.  You can eat a jillion vegetables and fruit and sometimes it still doesn’t help.  Using hemp hearts in your diet each day will help solve this problem.

If you have never had them, hemp hearts are a little crunchy, nutty tasting and great in yogurt, ceral, smoothies or salads.  I also add them to muffins and squares.  Hemp hearts also get along quite nicely with flax seeds (also a wonderful addition to baking, etc). 

So if you haven’t tried them yet…ALL ABOARD…Choo Choo!


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