Rice Bread Crumbs


If you miss the taste of “shake ‘n bake” or fried fish, all you gluten-free people can have it again!  You can buy these rice crumbs at Roots in Maple Ridge.  They are so yummy!  It is about six dollars for a box, but they last for quite awhile. 

Here are two recipes that I use for these bread crumbs:

Basil Chicken

This recipe works for four chicken breasts.  Place the chicken on an oven tray or glass dish.  Put salt and pepper to taste on the chicken. 

In a seperate bowl: mix one cup of plain yogurt, about half a cup of basil (cut up fresh basil) and pepper to taste.  Mix together and place over/around the chicken breasts. 

Rice crumbs: Mix the rice crumbs with 1 tbsp of butter or vegan butter.  Add 3 tbsp. of parmesan cheese (I use lactose free fresh parmesan).  Then with a spoon, spread the bread crumb mixture over top of the chicken breasts. 

Cook in the oven for 40-60 depending on the size of the chicken breasts.

Coated White Fish

(Use any white fish of your choice).  Coat the thawed out fish in egg white with pepper and salt.  On a plate I put out 3/4 cup of the rice crumbs, mixed with any spices I like, then I dip the fish into the egg white and then into the rice crumbs.  You can cook it in the oven or in a pan. 

*I have also made zucchini sticks using these rice crumbs and it works quite well*


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