Book Review: Wheat Belly

I just finished reading this book over the last week.  I was at a gluten free workshop in Maple Ridge at the Westgate Wellness center and they gave it to me as a door prize.  I have been wanting to read the book since I saw it at Costco, so I was very excited to start reading it.

When you first start reading the book (especially if you don’t have celiac disease), you will be overwhelmed and frightened by some of the things that wheat can do to a “normal” persons body.  I found this informative part of the book very fascinating, but at the same time disturbing.  Reading about how wheat has changed over time and become genetically modified was frustrating to say the least.  I can’t eat wheat (because I am celiac), but why should people be subjected to wheat that is so detrimental to health, just because they want to make more money and have wheat grow “better”?

Other parts of the book that I found notable were the parts on diabetes and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.  The author speaks at great detail about how both diabetes and arthritis can be much more managable if you adopt a gluten free diet.  IF you have either of those conditions, I would suggest reading the book.

I also found the recipe section of the book to be quite interesting, and I see many recipes that I would love to try soon. 

At the end of the book I would have to say that I thought that it was great.  I do believe that it is an avenue where people will learn that the amount of wheat consumption we have in North America is negatively impacting us.  I wouldn’t go so far as the author does to say that everyone should adopt a gluten free lifestyle in order to lose weight.  Although I have found that a gluten free lifestyle has made it easy for me to lose weight, that should not be your reason for going gluten free.  I believe that many conditions are improved by wheat elimination (my body attests to that)…but that completely gluten free doesn’t have to be for everyone. If you are going to continue to eat gluten, just make sure that you buy breads, etc that are good for you (most bread at the grocery store is stripped of all nutrients and vitamins and they just add it in at the end, which is not satisfactory or enough).  Whether you like the book or not, give it a read just to find out some of the things that GMO wheat does to your body.  Happy reading!



6 thoughts on “Book Review: Wheat Belly

  1. I’m glad you read and shared your comments on Wheat Belly. I don’t have celiac disease, but have been wheat (and mostly grain-free, per the advice of Mark Sisson of for a couple years and have reaped multiple health benefits (improved energy, weight loss, generally happier with less cravings for junk food) and do not see myself ever having the desire to incorporate these things back into my life. I’m glad Dr. Davis is making this information available for people to evaluate and hopefully use to their benefit! 🙂

    • That is wonderful that you have been wheat free for a few years. I feel so much better not eating it as well. My husband just started eating completely gluten free and feels a million times better than he used to.

  2. It ISN’T about losing weight! It is about eating healthy. Why would I even WANT TO eat wheat after reading the book and learning how BAD IT IS FOE ME?

    • I agree…it isn’t about losing weight. The problem is that some people do believe that the author is saying that (which I don’t think is his purpose at all). My friend is a nutritionist and she has clients come in all the time after reading it saying that they just want to do it to lose weight. Many of them don’t understand how bad wheat is for them. It is wonderful that you have the right focus.

  3. I just finished reading this book. I stopped eating wheat about a month ago due to stomach issues. ( I am still having tests done to figure out the problem) I also have a (slight) wheat,rice and yeast allergy along with many other foods. I have also suffered from hives for about 2 years and my allergist had said that because the outbreaks made no sense to the timing of my food consumption he didn’t think the hives were from the food allergies. Anyhow, I was so sick one day and although my doctor assured me that my allergies were not sufficient enough to have to eliminate those above foods from my diet, I decided to go gluten free for at least the weekend. Well the first morning I noticed a huge difference. No gas, the bloating was going down and the first day in 2 years with no hives! I actually feel 95% better. I still have some issues going on but have eliminated celiac disease. I read this book while waiting for the celiac test results. I found the book to be quite informative for many health issues. It’s a great read and I agree everyone can benifit from it.

    • That is wonderful you decided gluten free was right for you. Although medical doctors are becoming increasingly aware of gluten issues, sometimes they don’t quite understand how bad it can make you feel (even if it isn’t diagnosed as celiac disease). I think it is great you made the jump on your own. I have been told that hives aren’t often caused by gluten/food allergies, but I have experienced many hives/rash experiences from something I have consumed. I am glad your hives are gone…I hope your body continues to feel better as you continue your gluten free journey.

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