Chia Chia Silver Hills Bread

This is  the best gluten free bread that I have ever tried!  I don’t eat that much bread since going gluten free, but sometimes you just crave a piece and have to have it.  This bread is a nice rich brown color and reminds me of a dark rye bread in taste. 

The pieces are smaller than a regular loaf of bread, but they taste just as good.  My husband loves this bread! It is so good toasted to have with a burger or for grilled cheese. 

Where can you get it?  So far I have seen it at Langley farm market in Maple Ridge and Save-on-foods.  It was eight dollars at Save-On-Foods and 4.99 at Langley Farm markets (so I would suggest going to LFM).  Try it and let me know what you think!


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