Applebees (chain restaurant in Canada and the USA)

I went to the poco location of Applebees this week for a lunch with my sister.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have many different gluten free options.  I had a wonderful waitress who is actually celiac herself, that was super helpful. 

I was amazed at the many options that they showed me that were available to someone with celiac disease.  I am so used to having salads and lettuce wrapped burgers everywhere I go, that it was such a nice change.

We decided to split an appetizer because they actually had a gluten free option.  The name of the appetizer is called “Queso blanco”.  It was cheesy and spicy and wonderful with warm and crispy corn tortilla chips.  It was so big that we couldn’t finish it, but boy was it good. 

For my main, I ordered the fiesta lime chicken (no mexi rice-because it isn’t gluten free), no spice on chicken and a side caesar salad with it.  It was so tasty!  It was a piece of chicken on a bed of tiny corn tortilla strips, with a very flavourful sauce and then cheese melted on top.  It was very good and I would definitely order it again. 

I found that they were quite knowledgable about gluten free options on the menu, and because the menu is so big I had a lot to choose from.  This was a ‘treat’ day, but they also have many healthier options to choose from.  Some days you just have to treat yourself though.


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