Chomp vegan/gluten free eatery (Port Moody, BC)

If you are on a gluten free diet or if you just simply love food, you have got to try this place out.  It was recommended to me through a friend whose naturopath said it was a great place to eat.

This restaurant is completely gluten free and vegan.  Although I am not vegan, we often enjoy vegatarian/vegan meals in our home.  This place does not disapoint. 

During our first trip we split the caesar salad with garlic toast to start (yes, gluten free garlic toast).  This was honestly the best caesar salad we have ever had.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  For our meals my husband ordered the poutine and I ordered the Mac-n-cheese.  My husband has been on the search for a poutine that “doesn’t disapoint’ (in his words), and he was very impressed.  The gravy was great, the daiya vegan cheese they use is incredibly creamy and it is made with potato wedges (instead of deep fried french fries).  It wasn’t just yummy, but also much healthier for you than a typical poutine.  The Mac-n-cheese came with another round of garlic toast, which we loved.  Overall I was impressed with the mac-n-cheese, but wanted to add a little ketchup.  It could have been a bit more creamy, but how can I complain?  I never get mac-n-cheese when I go out. 

Other items I would love to try on the menu include a greek falafel wrap, nachos, firey tofu bowl, sliders, gluten free cookies and many others!  I can’t wait to try them all.

We will definitely visit this restaurant again.  My only critique would be that they only have about five tables, so the restaurant is very small.  I love the quaint and cozy feeling of the place though.  They also do open mic nights every once and awhile, which I would like to attend.  Check them out on facebook (chomp vegan eatery).


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