Chopped Leaf (Downtown Vancouver)

I just tried out this restaurant today for the first time.  Judging by the huge line at the door it is very popular.  For someone with gluten intolerance or celiac disease this place is as close to a gluten free restaurant as you can get.  Other than a few things on the menu (sandwich and wrap) almost everything is gluten free. 

They specialize in salads and soups, and I was able to try both today.  Three out of the four soups they served today were gluten free and homemade with fresh ingredients.  I really enjoyed the butternut squash and tomato soup that i had.  It was very flavourful and low in calories/fat, etc.  I also ordered a side salad.  They have so many different salad options and you can also make your own salad by choosing from a list.  So fresh and so satisfying.  It is nice to be able to go out and have the majority of the items be gluten free.  I hope we get a Chopped Leaf closer to where I live.  I will certainly be visiting this location when I frequent concerts downtown.


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