Ed’s Gluten Free Store: Vancouver, BC

How have I never heard of Ed’s gluten free????!!!  I found it when we were in Vancouver last weekend.  It is a whole store that is strictly Gluten Free!  Can you imagine?  Going into a store that you know everything is safe to eat.  I was so excited to go look around. 

They have many of the same gluten free products that I have been able to find in Maple Ridge, but also many different products I had never seen before.  I was shocked to see that they had gluten free fresh stuffed pasta including ravioli and others.  They also had gluten free perogies…which I have never seen.  They had freezers full of gluten free pizzas, muffins, burritos, frozen dinners, and pie/tart shells etc.  They also had many shelves full of gluten free flours, gluten free mixes (muffins, bread, brownies, cookies and much more). 

If you are celiac or gluten free you have to check this store out.  The best part about it is that they have a whole shelf dedicated to fresh bread!  Yes, really!  Crow’s nest bakery, Panne Riso and others supply to them.  We picked up two artisan bread including one that was cheese and scallion and another that had kalmata olives throughout.  They were both so good!  I wish I lived in Vancouver so I could have them every week.  The bread was very moist (which is hard to get with a gluten free bread).

The prices of this store were for some things a bit higher than in Maple Ridge, but this is to be expected because it is the city.  Check this place out and tell me what you think.  The address is:

2827 Arbutus Street  Vancouver, BC V6J0B2
(604) 731-2233


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