The Wallflower-Vancouver, BC

This past weekend I went down to Granville Island with my husband for a walk and a Vancouver date.  While we were in Vancouver, we decided to go out for dinner.  As we both eat gluten free, Vancouver is a nice place to go because of the variety of options.  We decided to try a new restaurant that I had heard about called the Wallflower.  I called them first and asked what kind of gluten free menu they had…they replied “over 95 percent of our menu is gluten free.”  I knew right away this is the place we would be going.

The place was hopping when we got there.  It is a busy place and very popular.  I was AMAZED at the size of the menu and the variety in gluten free options.  You could order burgers (with homemade GF buns), pastas, fried chicken, salads, nachos, appetizers, indian food, sandwiches and MUCH MUCH more.  I have never had so many options at a restaurant since going gluten free.  My husband ended up ordering a burger with poutine (all gluten free) and I ordered a clubhouse sandwich with caesar salad. Both meals were amazing!  The fries were crispy and positively pleasant!  The burger buns were very tasty and the amount of meat they put in the buns were crazy!  I couldn’t even get my mouth around by huge sandwich, so I had to take one huge piece of chicken out so I could eat it.  We also ordered hummus for an appetizer…homemade and very tasty.  If you like garlic, you will love this hummus. 

Options at this restaurant also include many vegan options that look very tasty.  They even have vegan and gluten free desserts!

We will definitely go here again (probably every time we are downtown). 

The address is: 2420 Main Street  Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2
(604) 568-7554


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