The Power of Support

Today I have been struck by the thought of how meaningful the support of friends and family can be. I went to my in-laws today to help them pack some boxes for a move at the end of the month, and I was blown away by how accommodating they are to my gluten free diet. I wasn’t planning on eating with them, but they had made gf muffins that I could have with a cup of tea. Not only were they absolutely amazing (my mother in law is a great cook!), but the thoughtfulness of the gesture really meant a lot to me.

Being diagnosed with celiac disease is a whole family affair. Today, my father-in-law wisely said that it isn’t an inconvenience to support me with a gf diet, but simply an act of kindness, love and sensitivity. He said that when you care about someone, it isn’t bothersome. I often think of celiac disease as an inconvenience and a bother when I go out of my own house. What I need to realize is that family and friends want to be supportive because they care.

When you have celiac disease or other allergies, know that you are loved and that your presence at a family function is more important to the people that you are with than any of the food you could consume.


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