Fertility Issues


I am sure you have heard of how wheat/gluten can effect your belly, your mind and your body in general…but I bet you haven’t heard that undiagnosed celiac disease can make you infertile. 

For some people, they won’t experience any stomach pain or other issues with celiac disease (it is called silent celiac disease), but they will instead experience fertility problems.  Silent celiac disease can be difficult to diagnose, because many people think if they feel fine that they don’t need to get tested.  If you are having fertility problems I would suggest that you do get tested as a precaution.

Fertility problems can be a very upsetting experience for many women, but the good news is that if the fertility issue is due to celiac disease, cutting out gluten should held you concieve within two years.  Check out this article on Elizabeth Hasselback’s experience with celiac infertility.


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