Red Robin Review

Red Robin is a celiac safe place. I am amazed at the level of service and safety that I feel every time I go. The gluten free menu and list is updated each time that you dine, and a manager is always at your service. At the Maple Ridge location I have only ever had a manager prepare my meal and serve it to me. They are always clear in mentioning many times that it is an “allergy.” The same employee follows your meal through the whole process.

The gluten free options at Red Robin are tasty and plentiful. They have signature burgers lettuce wrapped or in a super soft gluten free bun. You can also safely eat the fries they serve as long as you order them with no seasoning salt. They will cook them in a clean, dedicated fryer for gluten free items. They also have many dinner salads or the Ensenada chicken platter that is very good. I really enjoy the creamy poppyseed dressing or Caesar that they have (both gluten free without the croutons).

The staff at Red Robin ask that they print out the gluten free sheet every time that you come in, in case something has changed since the last time you were in. It will also remind you what sauces or rubs that you can or cannot have.

If you haven’t been yet, definitely check out one of the locations. You won’t be disappointed.


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