Seattle, Washington…gluten free goodness!

First off, I have to start out by saying this was the best vacation that I have ever had for gluten free eating. The food was amazing, the people knowledgable and very kind. I will definitely be going back to Seattle again to sight see, eat and shop.

The Starbucks in Seattle are great. You are able to go to one about every 30 feet downtown…no joke. If you have time go down to visit the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market. The reason I want to mention Starbucks is because they have a gluten free bar that you can purchase that is amazing. I am not sure what other locations in the States have them, but many Seattle locations did. It is so nice to be able to grab a coffee and a snack like everyone else on vacation. The bar was nutritious and low in sugar, but still tasty.

If you are looking for amazing burgers that would easily compete with any of the crazy burgers on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. Look no further than Blue Moon Burgers. They have three locations in Seattle, so look up the closest location before you leave because you don’t want to miss out on this one. The owners mom is celiac and you can pretty much order anything off the menu gluten free. All his burgers are fantastic, but I enjoyed a Chicken burger with pineapple and gluten free teriyaki sauce. My husband ordered a burger with the works that also included peanut butter if you want. The best part about this place is the super soft gluten free buns and gluten free onion rings. They were very yummy. They also had tater tots and garlic Parmesan fries that my husband loved. I could definitely eat at this place on the regular.

Another restaurant that was a definite favorite was Razzy’s pizzeria. It was amazing! The owner has a completely separate kitchen on a different floor that is all gluten free. The gluten free menu was the best I have ever seen. It was as big as the regular menu and included handmade pizza (any size), calzones, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, pizza bread, stuffed pastas, regular pastas and much, much more. I was in shock! So much to order. We ended up having a huge amount of food on our table. We tried a pizza, pesto cheese bread, daiya mozzarella sticks, and Greek and Caesar salad. I almost cried when I tasted the food at this place. It was so good and didn’t taste gluten free by any means. By far the best gluten free place I have been at. I thanked the server so many times. I will be visiting this place anytime I am remotely near Seattle.

If you are looking for an Asian inspired place to eat at stop at PF Changs. They are so good about gluten free diners and they know what they are doing. They have the tastiest lettuce wraps I have ever had. If you go, please order this for an appetizer. We also really enjoyed the lemon chicken. We even came back for a second trip to eat lettuce wraps again. Very good!

The last place that I am going to mention that really ‘wowed’ me in Seattle was Portage Bay Cafe. It is a fantastic place to go to for breakfast or lunch. Everything was organic and absolutely lovely. The egg dishes we huge and very tasty. They also had good gluten free bread at this place. My all time favorite was the gluten free vegan banana pancakes with chocolate hazelnut sauce. I have been trying to recreate them since I have been home they are so good. With the pancakes, it also includes a trip to the toppings bar which included berries, fruit, coconut, etc. These pancakes made me go crazy! So yummy.

The one thing I would definitely say is plan ahead when going on vacation. If I hadn’t checked out online blogs and write-ups online I would have had no idea where to go. Many cities have great
gluten free options, but you just have to research to find out.


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