Disneyland Gluten Free

I know that Disneyland tries very hard to make gluten free easy for guests, but I left Disneyland very disappointed in the gluten free menu. Going into the trip, I was very well prepared. I had looked up exactly what items were gluten free and at what restaurants. I knew the places that we wanted to try.

The first place we tried was the Mexican restaurant near Big Thunder Mountain. This was the only place that I liked. We enjoyed super tasty corn tortillas with beans, chicken, salsa, veggies and guacamole. They also served with a side of rice. The staff was very knowledgeable of what was gluten free. The meal was only ten dollars each (which I thought was good for Disneyland) and very filling. Definitely would eat at this place again.

The second place we tried was the burger joint overlooking the water looking out on Tom Sawyer Island. I was able to eat gf yam fries, which was very exciting, but the sandwich I got made me super sick. I asked the chef what he could make for me and he said he could do a gluten free sandwich with turkey breast. Somehow I got glutened, and I think it was from the turkey meat. Often cold cuts have gluten and I don’t think he checked, because I was definitely sick after.

We also went to Red Rockets Pizza Port and had a very dry rice noodle with two-three tablespoons of tomato sauce. Very dry and tasteless. The chef made me a great salad though, but no protein was available at this location for me to have.

After getting glutened at the last location I tried, I didn’t trust the food at Disneyland, so only ate naturally gluten free foods the rest of the trip. I had lots of Disneyland popcorn (so good) and many pieces of corn on the cob.


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