Travelling in Maui

I hope we have all been enjoying our summer lately. I have had a busy summer with travelling and trying new food in different vacation spots. One of the thing that I enjoy after going new places is trying to recreate recipes that I have tried while I was away. At the bottom, I will include a new recipe from Maui.

On our most recent trip (to Maui) we stayed at the Fairmont Kei Lani in Wailea. We loved this hotel and really enjoyed the food. The only downfall was that they didn’t have a huge selection of GF and Vegan food, but what they did have was very tasty. It was quite pricey as well, but you also have a refrigerator in your room so you can bring snacks in to cut down the cost. We ended up going to Whole Foods and purchasing many items such as fruit, veggies, hummus, nuts and an amazing ‘fake’ chicken from Whole Foods in Maui. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it in any Whole Food in Canada yet.

We went to a few restaurants off the hotel property that we enjoyed (I won’t comment on the ones that we didn’t). Joy’s Place in Kehei was very good and super healthy. We ordered the raw burger and the raw burrito wrap. You can choose to have it wrapped in collards or rice wrap, but we did both and it was so tasty and so filling. We also ordered the loaded chili which was very good. They had a great knowledge of gluten free and vegan food and it was a breeze eating here.

Another place we enjoyed was on the road to Hana and it was called Coconut Glen’s. It is a little stand by the side of the road where they sell vegan coconut milk ice cream. It is the best coconut ice cream that I have ever had and they have so many flavours. I still dream about this place! I wonder if I could fly some over to Canada. The best part is that they serve it to you inside of a coconut shell. They also have super yummy coconut candy that they sell. Very addicting!

Maui also has a restaurant that has a Grateful Dead theme. My husband loves the band, so I knew this was a place that we had to visit. We actually ended up coming twice on vacation. We went for breakfast both times. We had an amazing tofu scramble both days (done differently both times). It came with rice and corn tortillas as well. The service was amazing and the prices were great. I would definitely go back to this place.

Maui has many grocery stores to choose from including Costco. Many people seem to recommend Costco on blogs online due to the great pricing, etc. We did purchase some things from Costco (macadamia nuts-very cheap…onion flavour is the best and many veggies, etc). We found that much of the Costco food was thrown away. It was just the two of us and it went bad before we could finish eating it. Note to self, cheaper is not always better if you end up wasting a lot of food. For the rest of our trip we stuck close to Whole Foods. They had a great selection and even free ice to get your groceries back to the hotel without becoming hot. We even stopped here on the way to the airport for brunch. We ordered a few things (although they have a huge selection of buffet food), but we really wanted to try the cashew kale caesar. It was so good! I knew I would be recreating this one for sure! Here is the recipe I ended up using:

Cashew Vegan Caesar

1/2 cup cashews
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp dry mustard or dijon
1 tsp braggs liquid aminos
1 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp apple cidar vinegar
2 tbsp lemon juce
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup-1/2 cup of water
2 tbsp veganese
salt and pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth. Put in the fridge to cool until serving. I serve on a mix of kale, romaine and spinach. The dressing is enough for two-three large salads.





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