For people with food allergies, vacationing can be a scary thing. I was just talking with my Pharmacist yesterday, and he was explaining how much of a worry and hassle it can be to travel with allergies, especially life threatening ones; or ones that can ruin a trip if you eat something. With Celiac disease, I find that if I ingest the tiniest bit of gluten, I am out of commission for 48 hours and after that feel weak for 7-10 days. Doesn’t sound like fun if you are on a holiday. To top it off we are vegan, which doesn’t make it any easier when we vacation.

I find the best way to go about travelling is to plan, plan and plan! I use a travel agent that knows our dietary needs as well as our travel preferences. I also personally call places that we are looking into going to and see what they have to offer. Everywhere has food I can eat, but is it safe? Depending on my conversation with the different places, we decide where to go and stay. We also try to get hotel rooms with a kitchen as a back up if needed.

Make your health concerns known to your resort head chef or the head chef at each restaurant you eat at. It may seem strange, but repeatedly check “this is gluten free, right?” So many times when I have double checked they have made an error and have to take it back…so DOUBLE CHECK! Also, if you have life threatening allergies remember to always have your epi-pen with you. Sounds stupid, but so many people forget them in the hotel room.

Remember that you aren’t going on vacation just for the food. Food is sustenance, food is yummy, but food is food. Enjoy the rich culture of the places that you are visiting and enjoy the people, places and relaxation.

We go away in a week on a Caribbean Cruise with Celebrity. We have heard they are amazing with food allergies, but I will keep you updated when I get back about how it went.


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