You Gotta Eat Here! Taping the show:





We were seated when we came into the restaurant and then we met the host of the show and the producer and crew. They were all very nice people and we enjoyed the experience. We chose a dish from the list that the producer had and then they instructed us in what to do. A few of us were flagged right away to be interviewed on the show. I was immediately nervous…I Just kept telling myself that they interview lots of people and they don’t all necessarily get on the show. I was more excited about being at the experience, rather than being filmed speaking and stuffing my face lol. We don’t have any pictures of when they were filming me because I wasn’t able to obviously use my camera at this point.

We had to move tables about four different times to get different screen shots I guess. It was kind of funny picking up your food and drinks and moving around the room.

I ordered the Veggie Korma and talked about it and my Dad ordered the chow mein pesto with shrimp and chicken (the same thing Ernie Dakin ordered, but he got the interview for it). We both love the food and enjoyed the experience. We were also blown away that the meal was free. Yay Big Feast! The show is supposed to air end of May, beginning of June…so hopefully I see it when it is on. If you have a PVR tape it for me 🙂 because we don’t have one.

Also, if you haven’t been to big feast before, make sure you check it out. Especially if you have gluten allergies/celiac and if you are vegetarian or vegan. You not only get safe food to eat, it tastes unbelievable!


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