Dinner Tonight


We are going on a cruise next week and so I am trying to eat super healthy before I go so that I can allow myself a few treats when we are travelling. When I come home I hope to have maintained my current weight, so keeping it super strict right now.

After a beautiful 7 km walk with my dogs today, I came home and made a fresh ‘juice’ in my nutribullet and then made this salad. I call this salad “apple harvest chick’n salad.” It includes spring mix, craisins, a few almonds, edamame, apple chunks and a dijon mustard dressing. I topped it with 6 strips of beyond meat for extra protein after my walk. It was really tasty!

The juice recipe I invented today was good as well. I pealed two oranges, tossed in 8 baby carrots and half of a mango. I topped it with 1/2 a cup of water and 1 tsp of fresh ginger and then blended in the nutri bullet.

Super yummy and very nutritious. I am going to make one for Darren when he gets home because his throat is sore and the ginger will help. Can’t wait for vacation! I will post pics and experiences when we get back.


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