Eating Gluten Free and Vegan on a Celebrity Cruise and in Disney World






My husband and I just got back from an amazing Caribbean cruise and Disney World this week. I loved both places and would definitely recommend these destinations for others to visit.

First off, I want to say that we thought that Celebrity Cruises did a great job of taking care of guests with food allergies. On our first night, we were a bit worried because the first server we talked to had no idea what gluten free or vegan meant. We had a wonderful man named Milan come over to help us and he ended up taking care of all our needs the rest of the cruise. He made sure that no matter what restaurant we were in, that we could get great food. If you have food allergies ask to speak to the manager or the head chef and you will be taken care of.

We were surprised by the amount of options. Here is a list of some of the food we ate: tofu scrambles for breakfast with baked beans, fruit, hash browns and soy lattes. They topped our breakfast each day with beautifully sliced avocado. For other meals we had a variety of food including gluten free/vegan pizza, pasta dishes, asian stirfrys, sushi, lentil dahl, soups, salad bar, vegan ice cream and much, much more. We were very full and very happy.

Not only was the food amazing, but the cruise ship itself was lovely. We were amazed at all the things to do on the ship including shows, casino, coffee shop dates, games, kareoke, lounging, gym, etc. We also really loved the stateroom that we were in, the balcony was definitely a must!

The Ports of call were beautiful and provided lots of beach time. We left feeling rested.

After our cruise, we came back to Puerto Rico and then flew to Florida. We stayed at a hotel that had a kitchen, so we didn’t eat very much at Disney World, but what we did eat we loved. The vegetarian chilli in Magic kingdom was so good! Both of us ordered it and my husband also had fries. We found that the staff were great about being careful of our food allergies. We also enjoyed lots of popcorn in the park.

A Whole Food’s is located a short drive from Disney World, so we did most of our shopping for food here. We picked up lots to cook at the hotel, and then brought protein bars and water bottles in small backpacks to the park each day.

Overall, the trip was amazing. Back to real life now….


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