Sol Burgers


I like to make my own veggie patties, but I find when we are going to BBQ’s or if I am tired, it is easier to buy them to throw on the grill. I have many veggie burger recipes, but I find they don’t grill as well as the Sol cuisine burgers.

Sol burgers come in a variety of flavours and taste delicious. My favourites are the original and black bean burger. They pack about 12 grams of protein depending on the variety you buy and are low calorie. I usually like to have a couple burger patties lettuce wrapped.

Sol Cuisine has a variety of gluten free veggie burgers and other products. Gluten free veggie burgers can be difficult to find, so these are a life saver.
Other products I love by Sol include the breakfast sausage patties and falafel. If you want a quick and easy dinner (no scratch cooking required) try these out. You can get them at Superstore, Save-on and most natural foods stores.


3 thoughts on “Sol Burgers

  1. I absolutely love Sol. Our favourites are the Spicy Black Bean, and the Mushroom Rice burgers. They are a little lower in the calories area, allowing me to not feel too guilty for not making my own food! I could eat them every day. They are that good.

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