We were told that Venice, Italy was an impossible place to travel GF/Vegan. Although we couldn’t get all the same food we could at home, we actually found that Venice wasn’t that difficult for us to eat.

Many places offered gluten free pasta and pizza, and if we ordered cheese free it was vegan. We enjoyed Venice style pizza multiple times (even at the beach hut on Lido public beach) and we had a wonderful pasta dinner on the island of Morano.

We also enjoyed a few meals at Ferrari’s that were so good! Including hummus, falafel, greek salad and cous cous (gluten free). It was so difficult to find hummus in Venice…the only one we found other than this place was at the grocery store, but they had dairy in the hummus.

We found many different GF/V breads at the grocery store and especially enjoyed the gluten free grocery store. It was a very small store, but the owner was kind to show us around and help us navigate labels. I also have a potato allergy, so we had to make sure it was safe for me to eat. The owners son has celiac and he started the store so that it would be easier for his son to eat.

The only part I found difficult about Venice was finding addresses. Most people just explain where the place is and it is very hard to actually find. That is why I didn’t attempt to find addresses to put in here because it is quite difficult. When you are walking around, just keep your eyes open for gluten free signs and most places can easily do vegan. Don’t forget to try a Spritz with Campari. So good. Extra olives.


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