New and Revised GF/Vegan Products

If you are celiac, or gluten free by choice, you know how difficult it is to find a good GF/Vegan tortilla wrap. Sure, corn tortillas are awesome for taco Tuesday, but at times you want a bigger wrap you can take in your lunch full of yummy veggie and hummus goodness! The problem is, it seems to be impossible to find.

For awhile, I have been buying the rice wraps you see below (the black rice wrap and the regular one by the same company). They are fine if you know how to treat these delicate babies, the problem is you can’t eat them straight from the package. You have to microwave them to soften and add a bit of water to the outside if you want them soft when they come out of the microwave. It makes it a little tricky to bring to work for lunch. That being said, if you treat them with care it works out alright.

Last night, when I was browsing a grocery stores website (I know, definitely not cool), I found a new gluten free/vegan wrap made by Western Family. I have been sick for a week and a half, and I decided to order groceries to my door because I had no food in the house and needed to feed my husband. Instead of dragging my sick self to the grocery store, I met a nice man named Quinn at my door, while I stood in my pajamas…without a bra on…awesome. Some days, you just don’t care.

As soon as I pulled the wraps out of my new grocery stash, I was surprised to see how soft they felt. I became super excited and couldn’t wait to throw some vegan goodness inside. I pulled the wrap out of the bag…just as soft, I was almost giddy with delight. After putting my toppings in, the first role of my wrap dashed all hope of a new life of pleasant wrapping…the wrap broke in half. When I tried to eat it, it broke into 3, 4…5 pieces! My hoped, my dreams of a simple lunch solution, over.

I decided to try the experiment again to see if they would be better microwaved, and they were. Soft and easy to wrap. Probably one of the better tasting GF/V wraps that I have had. They don’t solve the GF/V wrap problem, but they are a nice option and cheaper than the others I have seen.

DAIYA–a quick update. As Daiya has expanded the products they offer, including pizza, cheesecake, cream cheese, yogurt, etc they have made a change to the cheese blocks they sell. Unfortunately for me, they have added potato starch to the products. Being a person allergic to potato my Daiya cheese world is gone. My husband taste tested the new cheese blocks and LOVES them. They are way closer to the texture of real cheese compared to the old blocks. I hope one day Daiya uses a different starch so that I can have it again. If you haven’t tried Daiya ever or in awhile, check out the new and improved blocks.





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