Vegan and Gluten Free in the Fall


As Summer seems to have really come to a close now, and the leaves are starting to fall, I seem to be craving comfort food. I think that many of us tend to want those foods in the Autumn months as the weather cools and cozy sweaters come out of the back of our closet.

Some of the foods that we have enjoyed so far are GF/V Mac ‘n cheese, Beyond Chicken wild rice soup, lentil soup, Vegan caramel corn and much more! You can make all your family favourites and still have them be GF/V. It takes a little compassion and creativity.

As a Canadian, we have Thankgiving this weekend. I am excited to share recipes with my family, including my vegetarian uncle and niece. I am contributing GF/V gravy, root vegetable mash, stuffing and some lentil protein loaf. I am excited to spend time with family and share some food that is KIND.


Vegan Jerky


A few weeks ago, my mother in law surprised me with a dehydrator for an early birthday present. I am enjoying making dehydrated crackers, macaroons and vegan jerky.

For vegan jerky, simply slice the tofu and marinate in a few tbsp of Braggs liquid aminos, a few drops of liquid smoke and a bit of onion and garlic powder. Put in the dehydrator on high for 8 hours. It comes out tasting like jerky and was so good!

Sol Burgers


I like to make my own veggie patties, but I find when we are going to BBQ’s or if I am tired, it is easier to buy them to throw on the grill. I have many veggie burger recipes, but I find they don’t grill as well as the Sol cuisine burgers.

Sol burgers come in a variety of flavours and taste delicious. My favourites are the original and black bean burger. They pack about 12 grams of protein depending on the variety you buy and are low calorie. I usually like to have a couple burger patties lettuce wrapped.

Sol Cuisine has a variety of gluten free veggie burgers and other products. Gluten free veggie burgers can be difficult to find, so these are a life saver.
Other products I love by Sol include the breakfast sausage patties and falafel. If you want a quick and easy dinner (no scratch cooking required) try these out. You can get them at Superstore, Save-on and most natural foods stores.


Seize the daiya! I am a huge fan of this stuff. Daiya is a vegan cheese company from North Van that is great. They have blocks of cheese, shreds, cream cheese and gluten free vegan pizzas.

All the products taste fantastic and we use them often.

One of our favourite recipes To use Daiya in is a hot nacho sauce. We use it for tacos or corn tortillas.

Simply melt one block of Daiya in a saucepan with a small splash of veggie stock and some diced jalapeno. Bring it to a slow bubble (medium heat) then turn it low for about five minutes. Tastes so good!



It doesn’t have to be a snowman…


We are so blessed to have a gluten free bakery in our community, especially one as amazing as Zena’s. The owners, Erin and Rebecca, set a lovely tone for the shop and put lots of love into each item they bake.

My favourites include the bread varieties (plain and herb ones are my favourite), buns, pizza crusts and the chocolate cupcakes. They make vegan chocolate cupcakes and cakes that are absolutely amazing!

Don’t forget to check out the muffins, cookies and assortment of other treats like s’mores bars. Located right on Dewdney Trunk road in Maple Ridge just before 224 if you are headed East (22346).